Backtrack Boys can be screened in schools (years 9-12), TAFEs and Uni’s, alternative education schools, juvenile justice centres, youth groups and community and workplace settings.

The film is relevant to both students and teachers and can aid professional learning to broaden understanding and practice of working with young people at risk of social exclusion.

Curriculum-mapped educational resources and classroom clips are available for secondary schools via ATOM.

Student worksheets for TAFEs, Juvenile Justice and Professional Learning resources are also available.

ATOM film clips
  • Clip 1: ‘Life in Lock-Up’ – Experiences with Law Enforcement and the Legal System
  • Clip 2: ‘Can’t Get Kicked Out of BackTrack’ – Rusty’s Story
  • Clip 3a: ‘The Dogs Don’t Judge’ – The Origins of the Paws Up Program
  • Clip 3b: ‘Australian Champions’ – The BackTrack Dogs
  • Clip 4: ‘Circle Work’ – Tyson Starts a Men’s Group

ATOM GUIDE — Coming August 2020

Film Clips for ATOM GUIDE*

* Please email for access

Thank you to Collier Charitable Foundation and James Kirby Foundation for their support of the Backtrack Boys education program.

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Higher Education & TAFEs

The TAFE education resources have been developed for students to broaden understanding about working with young people at risk. This workbook can be useful in courses such as Youth and Social Work Studies, Community Studies and Counselling.

“The positive and child-centred approach of the BackTrack team was inspiring. It gave me lots of ideas about how workers in child safety can communicate with children and families to get positive results”.

Students can also watch the NSW Communities and Justice Conference session with BackTrack which gives students a deeper understanding.

NSW Communities and Justice Conference Session

FACS (now called NSW COMMUNITIES & JUSTICE) held a breakout session using Backtrack Boys at their 2019 Practice Conference.

“The panel and documentary were deeply inspiring. Learning about Bernie’s approach and hearing the experiences of the young people involved was grounding and put our work in perspective”.

Professional Learning

Backtrack Boys film is a useful tool for anyone working with young people.

  • Guide conversation with young people about self-respect, to provide them with a sense of hope and belief that things can change and to support the healing process.
  • Give young people involved in juvenile justice with a positive narrative about themselves.
  • The film is a strong motivator for people to continue with their work, and inspired youth workers to change the way that they approach their work with young people and think differently about their role.

If you work with young people and would like to host a workplace screening please complete this form: