“We hope the film will inspire communities to take a different approach to working with young people at risk of social exclusion, particularly in rural and regional areas.”

— Filmmaker Cathy Scott

Falling Through The Cracks

Backtrack Boys documentary highlights many key issues for young people. Rural and regional residents experience higher rates of poverty, housing stress, social isolation, service exclusion and substance abuse.

Youth are particularly vulnerable and have a greater chance of falling through the cracks. They are at risk of dropping out of mainstream education and can get caught up in the juvenile justice system.

BackTrack Youth Works is an innovative program that provides tangible outcomes for youth at risk. It keeps kids off the street and out of jail, breaks the cycle of drugs and alcohol and teaches young people to participate in the community.

1000+ kids have participated in the program and crime rates in Armidale have dropped by about 38% (one of only two towns in decline in Australia). It’s a program that presents a real model for other rural towns.

Social Impact Campaign

In 2020, bushfires and COVID-19 have accelerated critical youth issues – more young people are finding themselves isolated with restricted access to crucial support services.

Backtrack Boys film has an impact campaign program built around the film to help support young people and the challenges they are facing.

Powerful documentaries like Backtrack Boys can shift public opinion, mobilise support and inspire action and the film can be used as a tool to inspire, educate, fundraise and collaborate!

The films’ impact campaign will:

  • Create a community screening program supporting communities and NGOs to aid discussion and find solutions around youth issues.
  • Help anyone working with young people to broaden their practice and understanding of young people at risk. There are professional resources and clips available around the film here
  • Backtrack Boys deeply resonates with young people themselves and creates empathy and understanding about young people having a tough time. Classroom resources are now available via ATOM here
  • The campaign is collaborating with impact partners in the youth space to give young people a voice and support their youth advocacy goals. Read about the film’s impact partners
  • If you would like to become an impact partner please contact info@backtrackboys.com.au

If you would like to support and learn more about the film’s impact campaign please visit Documentary Australia Foundation

*All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Take Action

If you’re motivated to help and would like to get involved in the film’s impact campaign you can take action…

Campaign Highlights

Backtrack Boys film can be used as a tool to inspire, educate, fundraise and collaborate!

Host a Screening

Over 100 + community screenings & TV broadcast on SBS generated over 120 towns expressing a desire in starting BackTrack style programs! Host a screening




A Story With Impact

What impact can one man and his dog jumping team have on the lives of young people doing it tough in the bush? A profound one, Catherine Scott tells Wendy Williams, as part of a series profiling powerful documentaries in partnership with Documentary Australia Foundation.

Audience Survey Results

After seeing the film, people have been motivated to help. We have had over 2000 people completing the survey.

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